Bünda - Peach at Beach
Bünda - Peach at Beach
Bünda - Peach at Beach
Bünda - Peach at Beach

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Exclusive See your Peach at the Beach drop - Premium super soft tri-blend oversized sweatshirt made in USA offered in pink.

You gotta feel it to believe it......don't get too cheeky, the sweatshirt that is, not the butt :-) 


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Bünda is a science backed results driven approach to group fitness. I wanted to highlight the amazing results of progressive resistance training and effective cardio on the stairmaster. Nothing fancy just real results from a brand you can trust :)

Our Bündís are at the core of everything we do. The love and support from our Bünda community throughout the pandemic has been truly inspirational. This genuine support and inspiration led us to innovation so we scoured the Earth and teamed up with an industry leading apparel powerhouse at the forefront of sports, entertainment and fashion to curate exclusive LIMITED EDITION Bünda apparel drops.

Once they are gone...they are gone. Don't let that butt envy become style envy too! Work hard in the gym and play hard out on the town, keep the Bünda spirit at the core of your mind, body & style.



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